25.06.2020, Michael Holly, Tony Langlois, Julie Lovett, Lorraine Neeson, Jennifer Redmond, Mieke Vanmechelen, The Mink Meet
19.05.2020, Laura Fitzgerald + Jennifer Redmond, P45: Things Can Only Get Better?A Story & Two Narratives
01.05.2020, Julie Lovett, Take me to the countryside, solve all my problems and make my life easier
24.04.2020, Jennifer Redmond, Mieke Vanmechelen, Sean Rea, The Tale of the Dog and the Wound
18.04.2020, Michael Holly, A Weary Man’s Space Travel
01.04.2020, Jennifer Redmond, The Rock-The Boy-The Lies
01.04.2020, Mieke Vanmechelen + Jennifer Redmond, Catastrophe