Lumbar Energumen

Devil in the spineAiken and Redmond look at the hapless physicality of the human body and its mal-adaption to our habitat.They speculate upon another reality,one that is not hitched to late Capitalism,to concepts of free-trade to models of production,consumption and to value-mongering.

Using theory fiction, and a sound-scape they explore the most pertinent challenges for humanity as we face our own extinction. The spine becomes a guiding thread to the rediscovery of forgotten pathways in modern thought, reconciling the human experience with natural history.It probes questions around shared human practices that can never be made fully explicit?

End of value is hard for us to conceptualise. We also tend to redoubt human justice against an extra-judicial nature. But how will we manage to live in the ruins of what we have made? The body without organs, expressed as a flickering gif, is juxtaposed with the interactive Google - Earth link to a discreet multi-national subsidiary. Beckoning the viewer to consider the actions and the shifting political power structures that are re-shaping our societies and landscapes by stealth.

Cartesian narcissism blocks us from being able to step into the abyss.

Play with the Google map while you listen to the story and the soundscape. Headphones recommended.

32 Body Parts Meditation

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