m i n k -  Moving Image Network Kerry is an online + offline space that expands collaborative art practice.
Incorporating a moving magazine, it exalts  in the strangeness of the new,  applauds the experimental in moving image and the fictional/non-fictional in writing and thought.

It comes into being by means of a series of antagonistic positions, curatorial accidents, hyperstitional thoughts and domiciliary indigence.

It tracks the incessant present, the colonisation of platforms and of algorithmic thought.

It rallies the collective, combs the vestiges of the humane in the human and seeps from the boundaries of human certainty into the shadowlands of the psychogeographical, the clinically insane the schizoid and into those gilded seams of wasted time.

There will be no answers in mink – instead, there will be a virtual chewing of the cud and ruminating on issues that are most pressing in our time – however we perceive this state to be.